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Beach Vibes Ocean Inspired 30 oz Tumbler

Beach Vibes Ocean Inspired 30 oz Tumbler

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Get ready to sip in style with this eye-catching tumbler! Picture a dazzling base morphing from ocean blue to fiery orange glitter, adorned with a splash of coral artwork. Iridescent fish gracefully swims among the coral, adding a touch of underwater magic. Emblazoned with the mantra "Beach Vibes" note that the letter B has a minor imperfection, giving it some extra character. Crafted from stainless steel, this tumbler is your trusty sidekick for keeping beverages frosty or piping hot for hours on end.

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30 oz stainless steel cup with plastic lid and reusable straw.
9.5" tall, insulated.
This travel cup is made using glitter, pigment, and resin.

Our tumbler is suitable for any indoor or outdoor place. Perfect for enjoying drinks at home, on the beach, by the lake, at the pool, in the office, camping, hiking, picnic, and so on.

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