About Us

Hello, I am Krishna Brown, the owner and Lead Artist here at Artistry Unchained.

My passion for creativity and art blossomed in my early years, marked by vivid recollections of coloring with crayons in books and engaging in artistic pursuits during sermons. Over time, my interest in arts and crafts has flourished, my passion turned into a quirky online craft venture in the summer of 2020.

Specializing in graphic and abstract art, I derive joy from crafting pieces that defy conventional norms. While society often emphasizes perfection, I find beauty in embracing uniqueness and imperfections. Who needs perfection when you can have a splash of uniqueness and a sprinkle of imperfection? My creations are for the rebels, the rule-breakers, the beautifully flawed souls who see imperfections as a stroke of genius. Let's embrace the beauty in the not-so-perfect and celebrate individuality in all its glory!

Krishna Brown


Unchain the Art Within and Be Imperfectly Beautiful!